High Precision Grinders

Surface Grinding Machine - A Precision Grinding Machine for Superior Surface Finishes

Engineered for excellence, the surface grinding machine stands as a pinnacle of precision in the realm of grinding technology. This sophisticated machinery is used to employ grinding wheels to meticulously smooth and refine metal surfaces, and other materials. The surface grinding machine employs a spinning abrasive wheel to eliminate excess material from a workpiece’s surface, resulting in a level area with a smooth and refined finish. The spindle causes the grinding wheel to rotate, while the workpiece is positioned on a back-and-forth moving table. The applications of precision grinding machines span from industrial manufacturing to metalworking, transforming raw materials into flawlessly finished products.


High Precision Surface & Form Grinders

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High precision surface and form grinders are sophisticated tools crafted to attain precise surface finishes and intricate shapes. Utilizing abrasive wheels, these machines also feature digital readouts and CNC controls for meticulous grinding control. These precision surface grinders are essential for sectors such as gas & oil, aerospace, medical, automotive, semiconductor, telecommunications, and job shops, demanding top-tier precision in surface and shape grinding tasks.

Chevalier Machinery, a Taiwanese machine tool manufacturer, offers high-precision surface and form grinders. With global branches and agents, it’s the US branch of Falcon Machine Tools. Established 30+ years ago, Chevalier Machinery provides manual, automatic, and CNC grinders for accurate results. Their range includes vertical grinding centers and double-column bridge grinders. Chevalier’s high-precision surface and form grinders are known for meeting tight tolerances and exact measurements, making them reliable solutions for diverse applications.

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With a commitment to quality, RAY Mechatronics offers advanced precision surface grinding machines for achieving precise surface finishes. We deliver the best machines providing greater accuracy, higher reliability, and utmost precision. We are dedicated to enhancing our customers’ production with machining solutions sourced from globally renowned, trusted partners who are top-tier manufacturers. Whether for industrial applications or intricate projects, Ray Mechatronics provides reliable and efficient precision grinders to meet your unique grinding needs.

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