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Vertical Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) are a type of machine tool used in the field of manufacturing and machining. They are designed to perform various milling operations on workpieces made of metal, plastic, or other materials. VMCs are widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and general machining.

The main characteristic of a VMC is its vertical spindle orientation, where the cutting tool is positioned vertically in relation to the workpiece. This vertical arrangement allows for easy access and manipulation of the workpiece, as well as efficient chip evacuation during the machining process.

Ray Mechatronics is an authorized distributor of Takumi, a leading producer of top-quality high-speed machining centers since 1988, and Awea, a trusted machine tool company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange for VMCs. So, for any unique or complex milling machine needs, feel free to contact us.

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High-Performance CNC Machining Centers

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High-performance CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining centers are advanced machine tools designed to deliver exceptional precision, speed, and efficiency in the manufacturing and machining processes. These machines are typically used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and mold making, where high-quality and high-volume production is crucial.

Ray Mechatronics is an authorized dealer of Takumi which designs and manufactures high-quality, high-speed, and high-efficiency CNC portal machining centers in Taiwan conforming with ISO 9001:2015 standards.  

Takumi understands its customers’ requirements and its guiding principles is “respect, teamwork, innovation, and service,” the Takumi team of professionals continues to develop vertical machining centers, high speed double-column machining centers, and 5-axis machining centers. Takumi is dedicated to providing a complete product line and fulfilling diverse customer needs.

New Generation Vertical Machining Centers

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The new generation of vertical machining centers entailing vertical milling machines is incorporated with advanced features and revolutions to boost performance and productivity. Equipped with state-of-the-art CNC control systems, these machines offer precise control over multiple axes and facilitate intricate machining operations. 

Furthermore, the new generation of vertical milling machines comes with intelligent software features along with high-speed spindles and automatic tool changers that enable systematic and seamless operations.

At Ray Mechatronics, you can avail yourself of New Generation Vertical Machining Centers by Awea which is an extensively certified company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and boost your company’s productivity manifolds.

While AWEA’s main product line had only consisted of the bridge machine, with the market concentrated in the automotive and mold industry. In recent years, AWEA gradually developed vertical machining centers, horizontal boring mills, high speed machines, and large 5-axis machines. The market reach has also expanded to other major markets in India, North America, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Germany, and so on.

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The most versatile CNC machines in the industry

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With over 65 models (and counting) of CNC machines in our lineup, Hurco has the right CNC machine to make your business more productive and more profitable. In fact, each CNC mill that is manufactured and each control feature that is developed is designed with customer profitability as the top objective. While there are numerous reasons to choose Hurco, the powerful simplicity of the Hurco CNC control that supports multiple programming methods is the most important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the maximum spindle speed of the VMC?

The maximum spindle speed of the VMC (Vertical Machine Centre) can vary depending on the manufacturer and machine model. However, generally speaking, the maximum spindle speed can be anywhere between 10000 RPM to 30,000 RPM (rotations per minute) or even higher.

Q. What is the maximum weight capacity that the VMC can handle?

The maximum weight capacity that the VMC or Vertical Machine Centre can handle quintessentially depends on the machine model and the manufacturer. Nonetheless, it has been observed that the weight capacity can range from a few hundred kilograms to thousands of kilograms.

Q. Can you provide me with a catalog or brochure that includes detailed information about your VMCs?

Yes, in order to avail of our detailed brochure on Vertical Machine Centres or VMCs and Vertical Milling Machines, contact Ray Mechatronics today!

Q. Can you assist with the installation and setup of the VMC?

Yes, we provide complete assistance on the installation and setup of Vertical Machine Centres and are always available to address your post-installation queries.

Q. Can you provide me with pricing information for your VMCs?

Yes, we can provide you with all the detailed pricing information for the Vertical Machine Centres (VMCs) after understanding your exact machining requirements. So, contact us today to get information about milling machines and their pricing information.


High efficiency, high accuracy Machining Centers

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Established more than 30 years ago, Chevalier Machinery USA is a leading manufacturer of milling machining centers. Chevalier’s machines are assembled in ISO 9001 certified facilities with R&D, machining, sheet metal production and electronic departments.

Chevalier Machinery is the US branch company of Falcon Machine Tools, a Taiwanese-based machine tool manufacturer with branches and agents in India, Europe, the Middle East, Mainland China, South America and the U.S. Established in 1978, Falcon is a publicly traded company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Ideally suited for ‘Gas & oil, energy, aerospace, medical, automobile, semiconductor, telecommunications industries and job shops.’ industry.

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