Boring Milling Machine: Definition, Process, and Types

Boring Milling Machine

Boring milling machines are mainly used to modify the holes drilled in the workpiece. The boring process is used to improve accuracy and finish. They can also be used to create new holes in the workpiece but the primary function is to modify the holes. While drilling machines usually drill perpendicular holes, boring machines can drill holes at different angles and depths. Boring milling machines are widely used in creating holes in the manufacturing of engine blocks, installation of water pipes, underground tunnels, and more.

Boring Process:

To perform the boring process in a boring milling machine, the boring tool is carefully placed into the existing hole in the workpiece. The workpiece remains stationary. The boring tool rotates and then scrapes the unwanted portions on the inner wall of the hole.

The major parts of a boring milling machine include:

Base: It is the foundation of the machine, which is horizontal.

Column: It is vertical and attached to the base to hold all components up.

Spindle: It is the rotating part of the boring milling machine. It holds the cutting tool and rotates.

Boring tool: It consists of a hardened metal rod with a sharpened cutting edge at one end. It is also called a cutting tool.

Tool head: The tool head is mounted on the spindle and helps to hold the cutting tool. The tool head can move up and down.

Table: The table is a flat structure that is used to hold the workpiece.

Feed Mechanism: The feed mechanism helps to move the table or tool head for boring in the right places.

Control Panel: A control panel helps to make adjustments in the boring milling machine.

Types of Boring Milling Machines:

The major types of boring milling machines include:

Horizontal Boring Milling Machines: They help in modifying holes from horizontal directions. They are used mainly for robust parts such as engine frames. They are useful for versatile applications. In these, the spindle runs parallel to the worktable.

Vertical Boring Milling Machines: In these machines, the spindle is vertical. They are used for large workpieces.

Table type Boring Milling Machine: They are a type of horizontal boring machine in general. They consist of a large table, on which the workpiece is placed.

Precision Boring Milling Machines: They are typically used for applications that require utmost accuracy. They are mainly used to modify holes and also correct the holes.

Floor Boring Milling Machine: These boring mills do not have a table, unlike other machines. They are used for really huge workpieces. It has floor plates with T-spaces to hold the workpiece.

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Thus, Boring Milling Machines are invaluable in adjusting the holes. Some of the applications include boring for manufacturing of heavy machinery parts, repair and maintenance of large machinery, shipbuilding, and more

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