Double Column VMC Machine: Exploring Features and Benefits

Double Column VMC Machine

In the manufacturing world, businesses are constantly aiming to achieve higher efficiency and accuracy. By using advanced technology and equipment, businesses can increase production and succeed in this competitive sphere.

Double column machines are some of the most advanced machine tools available in the market today. Manufacturers can use the advanced features of a double column VMC machine like accuracy, stability, and versatility and scale their business.

Let’s elaborate upon the features and benefits of a double column VMC machine.

What is a Double Column VMC Machine?

A double column VMC (Vertical Machining Centre) machine is a type of CNC machine which follows double column machining, a milling process that makes use of double column mills.

It is characterised by two columns and a vertical spindle orientation, where the cutting tool is positioned vertically about the workpiece. These machines allow handling heavy-duty machining operations and are well suited for manufacturing large parts.

Features of Double Column VMC Machines

• Precision and accuracy : These machines offer superior precision and accuracy. The dual columns create a stable structure that reduces vibrations and enhances accuracy. This rigidity helps in precise cuts and movements in heavy-duty machining performances.

• Advanced CNC technology : 
New double column machines are equipped with advanced CNC controls. This allows the manufacturer to monitor the process in real-time, and use automatic tool changers, leading to overall efficiency and productivity.

• Large work volume : 
One feature which attracts manufacturers of heavy equipment industries like aerospace and nautical to VMC machines is their large work volume. The large working accommodates sizable workpieces and supports multi-axis machining, ideal for detailed cuts and complex shapes.

Milling Machine Working Principle - Ray Mechatronics

Benefits of Using Double Column VMC Machines

1. Higher productivity and performance : Double column VMC machines make use of advanced technology that can result in higher productivity and performance. Due to its effectiveness in managing heavy-duty applications and demanding machining tasks, it is an ideal choice for industries like automotive and aerospace.

2. Versatility : Double column machining centres are known for their versatile nature. These machines can be used for a range of machining processes, including milling and drilling, and used for a variety of materials like metals and plastics.

3. Enhanced stability and accuracy : Double column machines offer stability and accuracy by reducing vibrations and deviations, thereby increasing the accuracy and precision in manufacturing. Accuracy is a key factor when manufacturing complex parts that require high precision.

4. Customizable : These machines are multi-purpose and can be easily customized according to the needs of the manufacturer and company. Many industries from aerospace, and shipbuilding, to metal-cutting industries, can make use of double column machine centres and optimize their business.


Double column machining centres have proven to be more efficient, stable, and versatile in usage for large and heavy-duty applications. Manufacturers can increase their productivity and operational efficiency by investing in a double column VMC machine.

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